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Excavating and gravel production company serving lower Michigan. Gravel and sand production. Certified tested materials. Oil and gas work. All OQ training is through the NCCER and meets MSHA, OSHA, and EPA standards.

“My dad could literally stand on top of a crusher and tell you if you were making good gravel

or not. They made sure our gravel was right in quality and right in quantity." – Bill Carr

Carr Brothers and Sons, Inc. was established by John Carr and William Carr Sr. in 1957. Their goal was to create an excavating company based on quality and excellence.

Carr Brothers and Sons Inc. now supplies material for contractors all over the South Central Michigan area, keeping quality of the product and service, still to the highest standards. Our standards are not just in the product but also in the land. We make sure the land is not left barren when we are finished using it due to our practice of reclamation (recovery of the land).

Carr Brothers and Sons, Inc. is all about safety, quality, and excellence in everything we do.

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