Oilfield Services Division

Kirk Emaus

989-858-6905 . kirk@carrbro.com

Carr Brothers and Sons Inc. specializes in the Oilfield by offering a very unique style of excavation along with many various " On-Site​ services". All demanding the highest of safety practices utilizing NCCER educated operators and "on the job" insistence through​ ISNetworld Compliance.​ 

This Division of our company is a group comprised of experienced oilfield specialist whom have acclimated to the "24/7 On-Call"​ commitment required  for our customers satisfaction.

Almost 30 years experience with oilfield customers makes us aware of the

 many​ various challenges faced in exploration. "Our primary goal is to provide our customers the quickest, yet safest solutions to their requests in a responsive efficient manner!"

Clean reliable excavation equipment, trucking and service from within the entire Carr Brothers And Sons Inc. company is what helps​ make the oilfield services division so successful!


Oilfield services offered but not limited to:

- Construction of access lease roads through any terrain

- Construction of drilling locations of any size in any terrain

- Closed Loop drilling mud/cuttings handling w/ half tanks, dip excavators and personnel skilled with multiple solidification methods.

- Clean reliable quality winch dozers among almost any other excavation equipment for your needs

- Aithey Wagon rig handling services with highly experienced operators

- Fork loaders,off road 6x6's, graders, multiple dump trucks to large fleet gravel train services

Responsive Oilfield Services Division

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